Prime Infrastucture Proximity Tracing Tool


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this site?
A: This site enables contact tracing using metadata from wireless devices on an enterprise Cisco Network

Q: Is this a Cisco Enterprise (paid) Service?
A: No. This is a free tool developed by a Cisco Systems Engineer. Contact tracing is an important part of for public health in a COIVD-19 world, and this tool gives people valuable insight that can stop COIVD spreading and save lives. Because of that fact this site was created and is made freely avaialble to the public.

Q: Is there a Cisco Enterprise (paid) offering equivalent to (or better than) this site?
A: Yes, Absolutely! Cisco has launched DNA Spaces, which answers the same question as this site. In fact, DNA Spaces uses full X,Y data based on multiple access points for more accuracy (this tool just checks if two clients are connected to the same access point at the same time). Please use this tool as a free service for a start when you need data now, and consider investing in DNA Spaces (Act and See) in order to have a full experience.

Q: Who is the owner of this site?
A: Neville Aga ( Please reach out with questions, comments, and suggestions to me by email.