Prime Infrastucture Proximity Tracing Tool



Privacy is a fundamental human right. This site is designed to protect end-user privacy (https sessions only). The data submitted on this site belongs to the uploader. Data is not kept on the site after a session is terminated, and file uploads are deleted every night. When using your emplyer's wireless network, the data on who goes where inside that network should belong to the individual user. Corporations should have a privacy policy that specifically states what information is collected from employees and guest devices, and what is not. Only use this site if you are legally entitled to have the metadata and logs of who is on your wireless network.

It is recommended to modify the source .csv file from your Prime Infrastructure install before uploading to this site. The first field (Client Name) can be zeroed out before uploading (This is a mandatory column in Prime Infrastructure, hence do not delete the column, simply erase all the data in the column, just leaving Client MAC Address and Client IP Address). For further safeguarding of end user's privacy, consider using a hash function on all MAC addresses and IP addresses before uploading your file to the site. The end goal is that the site will tell you MAC A was in proximity to MAC B, but the identities of MAC A and MAC B will only be relevant to the owner of the Prime Infrastructure deployment, and not to anyone else, including the administrators of this site.